Wisdom Of Cows

wisdom of cows following
Tweeting News: Today we learned of a million-dollar tweeting scheme, something about the Twitterati and about how to follow sports teams on Twitter.

And ranking by news articles… 37,000 or so articles mentioned Twitter, 690 on FriendFeed, 80-ish about Yammer, 44 Jaiku, 33 about Plurk, 11 dealing with Pownce, and none about Twoons (yet).

Text Description of today’s Twoon cartoon: Colorful cartoon drawing of a cow with brown droppings, with the headling ‘Mweet’ and tag lines ‘Don’t follow too close to this one!’ and ‘Wisdom of Cows’


Friends Eating Friends

friends eating friends twoon


Social Media Police – Measuring Reputation & Influence

Measuring Social Influence - Reputation Management

Tweeting News: Today we learned that most mobile Twitterers update via text message.  Other recent news includes that the top dog at Facebook is on Twitter, again. And perhaps the micro monetization of tweets has begun?

Text Description of today’s Twoon: Old drawing of a male & female police officer, the male is measuring the length of a woman’s skirt, while people the background are doing a mix of activities, ranging from calm to frantic. One man is saying “Social Media Police Raid! Run for it!“, and the female officer is saying to the woman “You’ve let your reputation grow unevenly. We’ll let you off with a warning.


Dante’s Twitter Circle – No Un-Follow

Dante's circle of twitter followers
Drawing of a sea of people crawling in a bleak landscape, with one person saying to another “You’re in Dante’s Twitter Circle, where there is no un-follow, only follow.”

Tweeting News: A large book advance, said to be over $10,000, has been given for a upcoming book on tweets.  And, perhaps categorized under reputation management tools, BackTweets allows searching of cloaked & shortened urls used in tweets.  And a twitter hack from this week seems to have been small in scope and duration.


Twoon #8: Million Followers – Race Ya!

Million followers race twoons
Drawing of a happy-ish man saying “So you think you can get to a million followers faster than me? Race ya!”.

Tweeting News – this week it was reported that Queen Elizabeth II has started tweeting, but the twitter username has not yet surfaced. And in Wichita, Kansas it has been reported that live-tweeting has been allowed in a courtroom trial in federal court.  Finally, at least one social networking site, Facebook, has been rumored to copy the style of microblogging as the popularity of tweeting continues to skyrocket.


Twoon #7: Unfriending The Varmint

unfriending interruption serious conversations
Old cartoon-style drawing showing a running excited crowd saying “Get him! He’s interrupting our serious conversation!” to a train conductor, who has speech bubbles coming from his megaphone saying “Tweet!” “Tweet!”, while one man says “Unfriend that varmint!” and a small dog says “Arf!”


Twoon #6: Zombie Throwing Mob Hit Threats From 1933

zombie throwing mob hit twoons

Old photo captioned 1933, with people in the street; one man says “one day my grandkids will throw virtual zombies at your grandkids, and tweet about it”; another man responds “And, my grandkids will put a mob hit out on yours.”


Twoon #5 1950’s Home Tweeting Guide

1950's Home Tweeting Guide Poster

An obviously fake poster showing 1950’s household stereotypes, and slogans “A Tweeting Home Is A Happy Home” and “There is no bad time to Tweet!”


Twoon #4: Geniuses & Social Media Conversations

Social Media Geniuses cartoon twoons 


(Poster with torch emblem: words circling around the emblem say “We are all ignorant on some subjects. What is Yours?“, and a caption below says “Social Media” “Making Geniuses One Conversation At A Time“)


Twoon #3: Tweet Crimes Court – How Do You Plead?

Tweet Criminal Court - Cropped Version
Cartoon caption: “You’ve been charged with 1 count of insincere tweeting, 1 count of overuse of direct messages, and 2 counts of not following the conversation. How do you plead?”


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