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Tweet-filing Your Taxes With New Tax Form 1040-T


New Tax Form 1040-T lets you tweet-file your taxes.

Text description of twoon: Fake tax form mockup of a form 1040T, with instructions to follow the appropriate tax office and @ your information, and get an auto-follow and @ response to file your taxes using tweets. DM (direct messages) not supported at this time. The caption mentions new form 1040-T being a success.


Social Media Pirates


At some point the ship in this cartoon will be replaced by a real pirate-type ship! (click on cartoon to enlarge).

Text description of Twoon: A pirate ship (the SS @TwoonS) with pirates aboard is the backdrop of some (fake) tweets about having anti-pirate tweetups and people posting pics of pirate ships off of Somalia. The caption says ‘Lacking any other solution, the international community turns to social media to conquer the growing pirate problem’.


Twoon #6: Zombie Throwing Mob Hit Threats From 1933

zombie throwing mob hit twoons

Old photo captioned 1933, with people in the street; one man says “one day my grandkids will throw virtual zombies at your grandkids, and tweet about it”; another man responds “And, my grandkids will put a mob hit out on yours.”


Twoon #4: Geniuses & Social Media Conversations

Social Media Geniuses cartoon twoons 


(Poster with torch emblem: words circling around the emblem say “We are all ignorant on some subjects. What is Yours?“, and a caption below says “Social Media” “Making Geniuses One Conversation At A Time“)


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