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No Tweeting Zone

No tweeting zone (or twittering on twitter)

Worse than the twilight zone?

Today’s cartoon is inspired by senseless hunting for valid parking spaces! And, also inspired by the rumor that some workplaces block access to sites such as Twitter, Plurk, Yammer, and other microblogging services.  So, during a normal work-week some places can seem to be sort of a “no tweet zone”. (Except, as advised by many, if one can access other sites or use software such as Tweetdeck or others listed here on Twitter.

Text description of twoon: A mock-up of a street sign that says in large letters ‘No Tweeting Zone‘, and below it in smaller letters ‘Permit holders excepted‘,  ‘9:00am – 5:00pm M-F‘ and ‘Max Fine $100 or 3 Months Online Community Service“.


Twoon #5 1950’s Home Tweeting Guide

1950's Home Tweeting Guide Poster

An obviously fake poster showing 1950’s household stereotypes, and slogans “A Tweeting Home Is A Happy Home” and “There is no bad time to Tweet!”


Twoon #4: Geniuses & Social Media Conversations

Social Media Geniuses cartoon twoons 


(Poster with torch emblem: words circling around the emblem say “We are all ignorant on some subjects. What is Yours?“, and a caption below says “Social Media” “Making Geniuses One Conversation At A Time“)


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