CUPID – How I See Myself cartoon

A cartoon for Valentine’s Day, showing Cupid as various people see him: women, children, men, artists, himself… and how he really is.




National Debt Ceiling Cartoon – New Washington Budget Calculations

The worldwide attention to the United States budget ceiling crisis, well, drew the attention enough to cause this creation!

The cartoon shows the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC, on a spring morning. There are four cartoon word-bubbles, saying:

  1. Pizza Bill = $200
    • [ for staffing overnight bill rewrite ]
  2. Switching My Vote = $25,000
    • [ selling out to a lobbyist greater cause ]
  3. Nailing A Debt Deal = $x,000,000,000,000
    • [ sorry for the small delay! ]
  4. Getting re-elected next year because no one remembers this screw-up = PRICELE$$!
(in other words, PRICELESS!)

The cartoon can be embedded using our special embed code.


Tweet-filing Your Taxes With New Tax Form 1040-T


New Tax Form 1040-T lets you tweet-file your taxes.

Text description of twoon: Fake tax form mockup of a form 1040T, with instructions to follow the appropriate tax office and @ your information, and get an auto-follow and @ response to file your taxes using tweets. DM (direct messages) not supported at this time. The caption mentions new form 1040-T being a success.


Social Media Pirates


At some point the ship in this cartoon will be replaced by a real pirate-type ship! (click on cartoon to enlarge).

Text description of Twoon: A pirate ship (the SS @TwoonS) with pirates aboard is the backdrop of some (fake) tweets about having anti-pirate tweetups and people posting pics of pirate ships off of Somalia. The caption says ‘Lacking any other solution, the international community turns to social media to conquer the growing pirate problem’.


Happiest When Tweeting?

moods and modes of Social Media

Today’s twoon is inspired by people who seem to be happiest when they communicate via tweets.

Text description of today’s twoon: 3 image groups under the title “Moods & Modes”. Left group is a smiley face that is frowning and under the face is an icon of an envelope, and the word Postal. Middle group is a smiley face with a flat mouth that is not smiling nor frowning, and under the face is a computer icon with the word “Email”. Right group is a smiling smiley face, and under it is a hand making the “Ok” sign and the word “Tweeting”.


No Tweeting Zone

No tweeting zone (or twittering on twitter)

Worse than the twilight zone?

Today’s cartoon is inspired by senseless hunting for valid parking spaces! And, also inspired by the rumor that some workplaces block access to sites such as Twitter, Plurk, Yammer, and other microblogging services.  So, during a normal work-week some places can seem to be sort of a “no tweet zone”. (Except, as advised by many, if one can access other sites or use software such as Tweetdeck or others listed here on Twitter.

Text description of twoon: A mock-up of a street sign that says in large letters ‘No Tweeting Zone‘, and below it in smaller letters ‘Permit holders excepted‘,  ‘9:00am – 5:00pm M-F‘ and ‘Max Fine $100 or 3 Months Online Community Service“.


Tweeting In The Face Of Danger!

new ways to tweet danger twoon cartoon

Text Description of Twoon: Running Out Of New Ways To Tweet? Old drawing of an elegant group, with a woman shooting a man with a pistol, and he is saying as he holds his cellphone and drops a knife: “I wonder how this tweet will look in my timeline? Oopos!”; and the bottom caption is “Tweeting in the face of danger!”


Tweeting the Party Line

tweeting the party line (not towing)

Dedicated to the people in lines everywhere, including at South By Southwest (SXSW, #SXSW).

Text description of Twoon: Cartoon of people standing in a long line that is leading to “Awesome Party 2.0”, and one person is saying to others “I’m creating awesome tweets about the nightlife here, but really just bored!” and the tagline starts with the word “Towing” crossed out, replaced with “Tweeting the Social Media ‘Party Line'”


Social Media Movie Night

social media movie night

Text description of twoon: Old movie theatre exterior, with the marque displaying: “Double Feature: Tweet Happy, & The Lost Adventures Of Social Media Cannibals #2” and a side poster saying “Meet the Actors!” and “Free Wifi”.  Caption is “Social Media Movie Night, Anyone?”


Free Tweet Tune-up

free tweets tuneup


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